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LAMOUROUX ships its products throughout the euro area and beyond. We carry out installations thermoregulation abroad directly or with our local distributors.

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Since its foundation 40 years ago, LAMOUROUX has carried out work in the fields of electricity, plumbing and heating for professionals and private customers in the south of Gironde, France.
LAMOUROUX has become a benchmark and a guarantee of quality in these areas of expertise.


Lamouroux, based in the Entre de Mers region in Gironde, has had a passion for wine for over 20 years.
Around 20 years ago LAMOUROUX developed its wine-based business and became a specialist in temperature control.
Lamouroux develops, manufactures and installs complete temperature control systems on winemaking estates around the world.

In 1991 Lamouroux brought out its first version of LAVILOG, the vineyard and winery management software program. The firm’s IT department is constantly working to improve this program, regularly publishing new versions.
LAVILOG is now the reference software in the winemaking sector.

Lamouroux has the ambition of providing winemakers with reliable solutions and giving them the benefit of its technical mastery.

Customer satisfaction is an absolute requirement for us. Our very high standards are based on genuine values: quality, availability.

The Lamouroux policy is to offer the best, in every domain.

The quality requirement. Whatever the service provision –a simple repair, the installation of a temperature control system for a vat house containing more than 80 vats, retrofitting the electric system of a private customer – the quality will be perfect. This quality extends to our responsiveness to your demand, the work itself, and our technical support provisions.

On the strength of our experience and our permanent contact with the sector, we are able to provide winemakers all over the world with an adapted solution and to offer them all the Lamouroux expertise and product reliability.



Our firm with 30 staff members has remained a leader in the winemaking industry thanks to our innovations, providing customers with cutting-edge technologies.

Constantly listening to the needs of winemakers, LAMOUROUX has the permanent ambition of making its products simpler to use, more efficient and more economical.

The firm’s innovations are the result of its investments in research and development. Our technicians are constantly striving to make progress with their temperature control systems and the LAVILOG program with the aim of marketing increasingly high-performance products.

LAMOUROUX designs and manufactures all its products. The EC marking on these products is proof of their conformity to European directives.



LAMOUROUX is a reference in the domains of electricity, plumbing and heating. As well as offering all our experience, we are committed to sharing the very latest technical innovations with our customers – energy savings, renewable energy sources, and all the latest concepts that respect the environment and your health.

Through our vast experience, we can also advise you on the best-adapted solution for your project, so that you are able to:

- benefit from the latest technical innovations,
- make savings,
- respect the environment,
- benefit from various tax credits and promotions.

The equipment we propose considerably reduces your energy consumption, thereby allowing you to make savings whilst doing your bit for the environment!




Our philosophy is implemented by our 30 employees, who are at your service. All our technicians are highly qualified and experienced, bringing you their expertise and a wide range of skills.



The reliability requirement. Our availability and the expertise of our technicians have resulted in an efficient, renowned technical support service. Thanks to our wide variety of skills, our technicians can handle all situations – before, during and after your harvests. Among others, we offer the following services to guarantee the peace of mind of winegrowers :

- annual servicing operation.

- troubleshooting service available 7 days a week during the harvests.

- recommendations of use available by telephone. .



On the strength of our experience and our permanent contact with the industry, we are able to provide winemakers all over the world with an adapted solution and to offer them all the Lamouroux expertise and product reliability.

Prior to each installation, we take the time to listen to our customers’ needs in order to offer them the right solution. We give the following advice:

- Personalized heat balance.

- Optimized implantation.

- A wide range of cutting-edge, environmentally respectful products. .

Our skills are here to serve your requirements.



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